Digital Radio Sweden is a financially independent and politically neutral non-profit organisation. We
want the transition to digital broadcasting to deliver added value for listeners and broadcasters. We
believe in the importance to invest in future-proof and efficient technologies that will also benefit smaller
radio operators of local and community radio stations.

Digital Radio Sweden aims to increase public awareness of digital radio. Today, the general
assumption is that digital radio is synonymous with DAB technology. In fact, digital radio is a generic term
for digital distribution technologies of traditional radio broadcasting of which DAB is only one of several

Digital Radio Sweden wishes to clarify the different functionalities of existing broadcasting systems and
to evaluate various available digital radio systems. Furthermore we consider it important to ensure that
our scarce radio frequency spectrum is utilised in the most efficient manner. DRS seeks to safeguard
public expenditure and protect consumer interests by promoting efficient spending of public funds (taxes
and/or TV licenses).

Digital Radio Sweden’s objective is to present alternative and complementary technologies to DAB
and thus facilitate competent and well-informed policy decision making before switching from analogue to
digital radio. We intend to demonstrate solutions that will suit operators who may eventually wish to switch
to digital radio while maintaining their traditional independence from corporations and external

Digital Radio Sweden aims to cooperate with other organisations, both in Sweden and internationally,
in order to build a comprehensive knowledge base and to conduct practical trials using state-of-the-art

Digital Radio Sweden has conducted field trials in the Stockholm area during 2014 using the DRM
digital standard, to serve as a basis for technical analysis and a more detailed evaluation. Test
transmissions have been performed in close consultation with the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

Digital Radio Sweden
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